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Ceiling maintenance doesn't have to be time consuming, but it is something you should be conscience of. Keeping it clean is just the beginning, as mould removal, repairs and painting are all areas which may need attention. Older homes will be prone to ageing, as time can be unkind to your ceiling. It is worth checking because newer builds with ceiling issues might still be covered under warranty.

Here is everything you need to know about basic ceiling maintenance:

Cleaning Your Ceiling

Most ceilings come in a shade of white, and this means any marks will be noticeable. Bugs, dust and dirt can all detract from the appearance of your ceiling and it makes sense that you will want to clean it on occasion. Before using any products, you should always do a spot test. Keep in mind, the type of ceiling you have will determine what is safe to use.

In general, a clean, damp cloth will be suitable to clean small areas. Just remember not to use too much water, and remove any excess moisture when you are done to avoid water marks. To remove dust and cobwebs you can use a duster or your vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment. A light dust of both your ceiling and any ceiling fans when you do your general cleaning duties will help to prevent build up.

Painting with Care

Even high quality painting from an experienced tradesperson will need maintenance over time. You should expect up to 10 years from any interior paintwork. It may be tempting to paint over small marks or damage with a stroke of the brush, but getting an exact colour match can be difficult. Light sanding may be needed before any paint work can occur.

Unique Features

Any cornices and rose work may have been a feature in your home for generations and are well worth preserving. Unfortunately, over time they can become frail and chip. In order to retain the look and feel of these features, a restoration expert is recommended. At WA Ceiling Fixers we can seamlessly match and repaint any unique features on your ceilings or walls before they disappear forever.

Fighting Mould

Mould is a battle many homeowners face. It grows quickly and can cause health issues. When it comes to ceiling maintenance a little bit of mould could be a sign of an underlying problem. Mould can be caused by water damage and this can signal leaks. Water damage can lead to a sagging ceiling and should be dealt with promptly by a professional. If there are no underlying structural problems you can remove mould from your ceilings with bleach and water, or there are dedicated products available. Always do a spot check to avoid unsightly discolouration.

Warning Signs

There are a few warning signs which can indicate a little more than basic ceiling maintenance will be required. These signs can potentially lead to ceiling collapse. Look out for crack marks, cracking sounds, bubbling and sagging.

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