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We offer honesty and integrity along with qualified technicians and commitment to first class customer services, a combination we believe is necessary to be your swimming pool company of choice in your area. We have been providing clients in both residential and commercial sectors throughout South Africa with first class pool construction, pool renovation, pool heating, safety covers, solar blankets and all pool related issues.

We put more than 100% in every project we do and every job is supervised by the company owner. We help our valuable clients in each and every aspects of being a proud pool owner. We are uncompromising perfectionist and our goal is to provide the best client services, and the best value you can find. We will build your pool, cover it with our special safety covers, and heat your pool either with solar heating or heat pumps.

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What is the swimming pool construction process?

It depends on the type of pool.

There are three basic types of inground pools: fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl liner.

We happen to specialize in the manufacturing and installation of fiberglass pools, but all three have their advantages and disadvantages.

Here's a basic overview of how each are constructed.

Fiberglass Pool Construction

Fiberglass pools are "constructed" in two phases: manufacturing and installation.

The fiberglass pool shell is crafted from a mold, off-site.

Then the pool is shipped to your house in one piece.

The hole is excavated, then a base material is placed in the bottom of the excavation for the pool to sit on.

Then the pool is lowered into place with a crane or other piece of equipment.

Once the pool is leveled, material is placed around the outside of the pool at the same rate the inside of the pool fills with water.

There are a variety of ways to accomplish this and our experience has taught us that some methods produce much better results than others.

Concrete (Gunite) Pool Construction

Concrete pools are fully constructed on site from a combination of concrete, steel, and plaster.

After the initial excavation, steel rebar is bent and tied into place.

Concrete is either then poured or shot into place forming the shell of the pool.

Tile and coping work are then completed, then the plaster finish is troweled onto the surface of the pool shell.

Vinyl Liner Pool Construction

Vinyl Liner pools use a thin pliable liner—about the thickness of ten sheets of paper—to hold the pool water in the structure of the pool.

The pool structure is formed using plastic or metal side walls and a cement-based product that is troweled onto the earthen floor of the pool.

How long does swimming pool construction typically take?

It depends on the type of pool.

A typical turn-key fiberglass pool project will usually take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to complete...although the pool shell is in the ground and full of water after a couple days!

This speedy install time is certainly an advantage on fiberglass pool projects that begin in the spring to early summer as these folks will be able to enjoy their pool during the peak of swim season.

Because concrete pools are fabricated completely on site, they take much longer to complete, typically anywhere from 2 to 5 months on average.

Vinyl liner pool installations are relatively quick, usually taking a little longer than a fiberglass pool installation.

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