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The latest technology, processes and procedures are applied in our environmentally friendly approach in maintaining our client's green assets.

We are super excited to announce that we have yet again developed another industry first horticultural maintenance product for the benefit of our clients, available to all of our corporate clients (Body Corporates, Homeowners Associations, Private and Semi-Private Schools, Retail and Office Parks, Hotels and Industrial).

This separates a Grow Group Maintenance site from the rest.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to give Nature's greatest, green assets the best.

Headed up by our own qualified horticulturist; our team is ever-ready to welcome seasonal changes, battle severe climate conditions, including but not limited to any unforeseen influencing conditions that your landscape may encounter from time to time.

We offer peace of mind and we will have solutions on hand if and when required to ensure the correct horticultural decisions are taken in the landscape.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Landscaping Service

Your home is a place where your dreams reside. Just as your dreams are beautiful, so should be your home. Your rich and exquisite taste has created a fine-looking and stunning design for your home exterior; now you need a professional to execute that design that you desire.

Value Addition to Property Prices

A professionally landscaped house will surely look different and more beautiful than others. This will not only add value to your property but to your neighbourhood, too. So, you can always expect a higher price while selling your property.

A Professional Plan

You may have devised a plan for landscaping your garden and yard. But the execution requires meticulous planning. Only a professional landscaping service will have the experience and expertise to carry it out seamlessly. The landscaping Brighton services of CPS Landscape have years of experience in designing and installing beautiful landscapes thus creating happier homes.

Lower Energy Bills

A professional landscaping service will have knowledge and experience of planting trees in strategic locations that will allow enough heat to enter the house. In warm areas, these trees can be planted to provide shadier haunts. You will experience a sharp drop in the energy bills as a result of this.

Low Maintenance Gardens

A professional service will have extensive knowledge of native plants and can effectively create low maintenance, beautiful gardens for your home exterior. Your house will look fresh and cool with the variety of trees and plants in your garden.

Water Conservation

A professional landscaping service will advise you on the water saving irrigation techniques so that you can conserve water. By using porous paving blocks, they will help in increasing the ground water level in the rainy season. Your yard and garden will stand no chance of flooding if you have sought the services of a landscaping Brighton professional.

Hassle Free Installation

With a professional landscaper, you can be assured of a hassle free installation. With their expert execution and professional equipment, you can comfortably carry on with your daily activities while your house is being beautified.

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